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Ezeely is an online marketplace where you get all inventory at one place and is the best fruits supplier in Gurgaon. It keeps a good stock for the brands and fruits at reasonable prices. The company is based in Gurgaon and aims at revolutionizing the order fulfillment process in the traditional channel using technology, thus aggregating the resellers with consumer brands. With every reseller and consumer joining Ezeely, its network grows and helps them to grow their business across India as well. The single online platform of Ezeely has the potential for the resellers to make orders and payments. Now, the ordering of the inventory and making the payment using the platform of Ezeely is easier. Ezeely assists the resellers to serve the retailers.

The eCommerce inventory marketplace for business to business in India is in the primary stage and Ezeely, being part of it, connects manufacturers with entrepreneurs, engaged in India wide distribution. Ezeely helps the two businesses negotiate a wholesale transaction like in the wholesale market, but in an online way. The transaction, thus done, results in lowering the cost and time, as well as allows Pan-India access, seamless integration of the domestic markets, with a quick processing. With the deployment of a disruptive technology, it allows Ezeely to offer an alternative platform that frees retailers from a captive market of local retailers.

Ezeely paves the way for better understanding, repeat trade, and mutual trust, thus acts as a catalyst for the sellers and buyers. Being empowered, courtesy Ezeely, the retailers can buy hassle free online from an eCommerce marketplace and fresh fruit supplier in Gurgaon, without worrying about the brand, price, and quality. Now, with Ezeely - ordering the fruits and other inventory at one place, finding the brands, products, and prices of your own, timely delivery of your order at your place - it is all easy. It is convenient as well, as you can order from Ezeely app in your smartphone: the app is available on Google play store and free to download.

Experience Ezeely, an improved way for order fulfillment and fresh fruits distributor in Gurgaon, aggregating the resellers with the consumer brands!

Our Aim

Our aim is to make a thriving marketplace where business people meet, discover, interact, explore markets, complete inventory products and fruits, get business and do business. For this, we have incorporated many features like creating distribution channels being daily fruits distributor in Gurgaon, negotiation with volume buyers, get dealership and start a business. We welcome producers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, dealers and wholesalers to join Ezeely and enrich their business. Also, our support executives are always available to help you. Ultimately, Ezeely is a disruptive technology that offers manufacturers an alternative online platform for distributing their products of inventory and fruits in the markets across Gurgaon and India.

All inventory at one place Gurgaon | Best Fruit Supplier in Gurgaon

Our Endeavour

We strive to break new ground by introducing online wholesale trade and fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon, seamless integration of markets and a significant reduction in transaction time and cost. Our digital marketplace of Ezeely providing all inventory at one place, also the imported fruits supplier in Gurgaon, acts as a catalyst between buyers and sellers, as well as ensures hassle free b2b transaction within minutes. By this way, we pave the way for great mutual trust, better understanding and repeat trade between seller and buyer. At the same time, Ezeely frees retailers, including small traders, from a captive market of local distributors, thus empowering them to buy from the eCommerce marketplace and best fruits distributor in Gurgaon for the variety, quality, and low prices.

All inventory at one place Gurgaon | Daily fruits distributor Gurgaon


Our assistance lets you discover the path to profitability, convenience, and efficiency.


Experience:- 1 yr – 4yr

Education Qualification:– Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject

Job Location:- Gurgaon

Working Days:- 6 Days


We are looking for an Android Developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits, will work with our team of talented engineers to design and build the next generation of our mobile applications.

Experience:- 1 yr – 4yr

Education Qualification:– Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject

Job Location:- Gurgaon

Working Days:- 6 Days


  • IOS Developer, Programming Language Objective C/Swift.
  • Strong object-oriented programming skills.
  • Experience in design and developing iPhone, iPad, and universal (iPhone+iPad) application.
  • Experience with application communicating with server via web services (SOAP andREST).
  • Experience in designing user interface using storyboard/xib.
  • Experience in developing rich UI and custom gestures.
  • Strong knowledge of memory management, multi-threading, ARC in objective C.
  • Experience in design and developing application using Core data and Sqllite.
  • Experience in Integration with native API like camera, GPS, address book, mapkit, etc. Experience working with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Text.
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs.
  • Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.
  • Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.

Position:- ASP .NET

Experience:– 1 yr – 4yr

Education Qualification:– Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related subject

Job Location:- Gurgaon

Working Days:- 6 Days


  • Must be proficient in development environments, debugging tools, and source control systems.
  • Must have experience in cross platform development, worked in products, or technologies that have scalable and sustainable architectures.
  • Develop and assemble prototype assimilations of software applications and solutions as directed.
  • Write code, programming, debug software applications and solutions.
  • Document the modules developed, perform unit testing, participate in design and code review process.
  • Establish oneself as an expert in at least one area of specialty.
  • Retain and keep apprised of industry intelligence, changes in the marketplace, trend analysis of visionary usage, the opportunity for current and new products relating to support software.
  • Must have a strong understanding of Object-Oriented technology.
  • Experience in performance tuning, load testing, deployments, and QA.
  • Understanding and experience in complete SDLC from functional & technical specifications, documentation, QA processes, source control, maintenance, and deployments.

Experience:– 1 yr – 4yr

Education Qualification:– BBA or MBA in Marketing

Job Location:- Gurgaon

Working Days:- 6 Days


  • To identify potential customers and close new business opportunities in line with the strategic direction of the company.
  • Selling products by establishing contact and developing relationships with prospects, recommending solutions.
  • Accomplishing Sales targets.
  • Maintain relationships with clients by providing support, information, and guidance, researching, and following new opportunities for sales.
  • Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, summarizing information, and reporting to the BDM.
  • Attending the fortnight meeting with the BDM and sum up the performance.
  • Maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing the company's standards.
  • Work as a team and accomplish sales target with ethics & compliance.


More Options to Buy

Ezeely frees retailers from a captive market of local distributors, thus empowers them to buy from the digital marketplace and best fruits distributor in Gurugram.

Whole Sale Pricing

Ezeely offers an automated increase in margins with an increase in quality of products and fruits bought, as this is a concept for a wholesale business where you will find all inventory at one place and fresh fruits supplier in Gurgaon.

Secure Payments

Ezeely processes your payment using 'A' class payment gateway. While you pay to us, we keep it safe until you are satisfied with your order for the inventory and imported fruits supplier in Gurgaon.

Ezeely all inventory at one place in Gurgaon Haryana

Sell in Whole Sale

Our customer support is always ready to assist you in your need for adding products or managing the prices for the inventory order and daily fruits distributor in Gurgaon.

Set Distribution Channels

You had limited options till date, as either you would have invested in an India-wide sales network, or depended upon traditional distribution channels even for fruit supplier in Gurgaon, but not now.

Minimum Payment

You need not pay any sum for our services, as Ezeely allows you to pay a minor marketing fee only on successful sales for the inventory and daily fruits distributor in Gurgaon.


Take a tour of Ezeely to see how the digital marketplace, and fresh fruits supplier in Gurgaon adds to the wholesale business.

We, as an online marketplace and fresh fruits distributor in Gurgaon, help buyers procure their inventory at one place in a go.

Our thriving marketplace is where business people meet, discover opportunities, interact with diverse businesses, explore new markets, products, get the business, and do the business as inventory order or fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon.


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Operational Hours


What is Ezeely?

Ezeely is a Business to Business e-commerce marketplace and the best fruits distributor in Gurgaon. It offers FMCG products and fresh fruits at a reasonable price to the wholesale buyers: the minimal transaction cost due to the elimination of distribution layers and other related costs brings down the prices for the inventory and the fruits.

Why Ezeely?

A study found that there are 9 layers of distribution between the farmer and consumer. This multi-layered distribution channel poses a challenge in both selling and sourcing. Along with, middlemen add significant transaction time and cost to it, affecting both manufacturer and retailer.

The study further adds that total margin of middlemen in the entire chain adds up to 75%, whereas the figure is around 20% in countries with integrated food supply chain, as fruit supplier in Gurgaon.

Here, Ezeely aims to cut transaction cost by eliminating distribution layers, thus making it a win-win situation for the seller, buyer, and consumer.

Besides, Ezeely being an online marketplace offers a wide choice from Pan India market, thus sellers and buyers are no longer restricted to the local market. Being the best fruits distributor in Gurgaon adds to its wholesale business as well.

How Does Ezeely Work?

Ezeely offers its users a wholesale market experience in online space by eliminating distribution layers between manufacturers and retailers, as is possible. This leads to a direct transaction and higher efficiency in b2b trades: as in fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon, with better margins for the seller and buyer.

Ezeely offers huge value addition to the traditional distribution through efficient logistics, fulfillment, market safety, a wide choice of products, and Pan India reach.

Why Ezeely is different from other e-commerce marketplaces?

The biggest difference between b2c and b2b is – in b2c, a consumer buys the product for self-consumption, wherein b2b, the customer is from another business who buys for resale.

Here, Ezeely, as b2b e-commerce marketplace and fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon, buys/sells products and fruits in lots in the b2b marketplace. A lot is a minimum order value that merchants set, say if merchant sets lot size as a single unit, it can sell the products in the retail and wholesale: in this context, Ezeely is a b2b marketplace.

Also, each product has a discount structure where price automatically falls with larger orders. Buyers have bargain facility, where they may not accept seller price and opt for negotiation for a mutually acceptable price. Online communication tool will help them for a quick negotiation.

The b2b marketplace is for inexpensive and faster distribution. Here, manufacturers can quickly set up distribution channels across India.

Though repeat purchase is high in b2b, here transaction are not driven by desire, but by the business need. A retailer has to stock up products for the repeat orders.

Is b2b e-commerce a novel idea?

Ezeely may be one of the first b2b e-commerce marketplaces in India, but the concept has taken root in many other countries. There are many examples of successful b2b e-commerce marketplaces from other countries as well. Ezeely, as a fresh fruits supplier in Gurgaon, delivers the stock for the fresh fruits to the b2b businesses.

Indian b2b e-commerce marketplace is huge with 13 million retailers, $500 billion retail markets, and $300 billion wholesale markets that are expected to grow further to $700 by 2020: these points indicate the emergence of next e-commerce wave in b2b. As well as, with the effect of the awareness drive, there is an increase in the daily fruit consumption, for that the fruits industry is expected to grow more in the coming time.

How Ezeely helps my business?

Ezeely is a risk-free way of ordering and receiving products at the wholesale price. By this way, sellers also find an inexpensive and simple online system that takes care of product distribution without getting into complexities of b2b e-commerce transactions. Ezeely is a smart way of doing business in this digital era.

If you're looking to source product at the wholesale price, Ezeely is here to help retailers connect with merchants willing to sell at wholesale price. Now, no more traveling to a wholesale market and source everything from the marketplace for your business at a competitive price.

As well as, Ezeely is a fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon that you can also order for the stock of the fresh fruits to your wholesale business.

You can also join Ezeely as a merchant if you are looking to sell your products. The b2b e-commerce marketplace helps you create a distribution channel across India and offers your products to the bulk buyers thus adds a lasting value to your business.

Here, you will find essential features of the wholesale market, like transparency in negotiation, free interaction, and volume purchase.


Ezeely, as a digital market and fruits b2b supplier in Gurgaon, offers features like interchange, engagement, and trading online that are beneficial for doing wholesale business now, were once possible only by being physically present at some wholesaler's shop: not anymore, and this is the x-factor of Ezeely.


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